Arctos Chat System
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  • Multi-party incoming + end-to-end communication + streaming.
  • Incoming call reserved, waiting, connected × interactive communication.
  • Embedded in the website or online booth.
  • Import of franchise industry run with communication business.
  • The client as Arctos Client communicates with Arctos Switch directly.
  • The end-to-end communication mode is for regular customers or reservations.
  • The client comes as a web and communicates with the Arctos Switch on the server through the Arctos Stack system.
  • The relay communication mode can be provided to first-time visitors.
Real estate
Online exhibition
The Arctos system of the relay module has the function of incomin management, which can reserve the customer for the later services.

It will record the total number of calls, missed calls, average call time (detailed records each cases), average waiting time (detailed records each cases), online members, and those who are idle but not at serve.
Relay module:When the two parties communicate, Arctos Stack will directly record the process between the two.

Direct end point module:Arctos Switch will record the integrated communication and send it to the cloud storage when it is over.
During the communication, Arctos Switch can take screenshots of Arctos Client images as auxiliary content at any time, and send the screenshots to the data base.

Note: Arctos Client will not allow users to take screenshots and screen recordings during the communication.
During communication, Arctos Switch can call support (using Arctos Client) at any time, or allow supports (using Arctos Client) to connect their audio or video to Arctos Switch at a specific time to assist the need of customer.
In the past, every group communication have to connected to a relay system. Since there could be 2, 3, 4, or 5 people in a group, it is difficult to estimate the number of groups that can be supported by a private cloud server with a given bandwidth.

However, in Arctos Chat, there are only two connections between the client and the server in the relay system. The rest of the supporters connect to the Arctos Switch directly. It is easy to estimate the number of groups that the relay system can support at the same time to arrange the number of employed.
Compare usage behavior and supportable function types
Interactive Communication Online Communication Video Conferencing
Server location Public/private/Enterprise server Room Public cloud Public cloud
Text communication + file transfer
Voice communication + video communication
File with screen sharing
File with URL sharing
File with open webpage after URL
Incoming management
Internal management system
Estimated connections
Video recording
In use of Provide online personal services cases traceable Social use Add friends before chat Online discussion enter if know the meeting code