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We are committed to innovating end-to-end encrypted transmission technology, with cloud system functions, helping enterprise to use audio-visual communications to perform interactive business and services.

Pain Points
Operating Cost!
When companies provide internal or external communication tools as services, they will need to continue to pay transmission fees and server fees. which is huge but can't stop expenditure.

If it is a legal franchise business, they won't able to use SaaS or API, which will necessary to face the pressure of the costs.

The Business could save their operation cost via Arctos network. Smart devices can directly connect to others in an encrypted transmission without any relay server in Arctos network.
System Pressure!
Enterprises usually use cloud systems as relay stations to build data transmission tools. However, more and more business services require the needs of video communication, if expanding the server with the limited bandwidth on public clouds usually will occupy the whole system bandwidth.

Arctos Network can reduce the cost and the need for relay servers by allowing smart devices to directly encrypted communication with each other, even if multiple locations.
Time Cost!
To have a remote communication and file transmission function, the business will need to develop multi-operating systems like, applications, web, back-end systems, and file systems and databases that need to access the audio, video, documents and data.

If it is a legal franchise industry, there are strict inspections before entering the private cloud.

Arctos Network provides video communication and file transmission by allowing smart devices to directly encrypted communicate, also integrate the Application system, file system, and database.
Is there really necessary to build a communication system? Since the epidemic online meeting has become more and more common.

Arctos Network service can directly connect smart devices with encrypted transmission and communication. As the demand for audio-visual communication is increasing, and requirements more clarity. Arctos system can bring lower cost, secure ,and fast solution for the business.
Before starting iHH(2006~2015)
After starting iHH(2016~ Now)
Arctos Network
Arctos Services
Cloud System
(Public / Private)
System Customization
Business Demand
/ Industry Trend
Accelerated by 5G

February 2016

21 people started a joint venture

November 2016

system project of the Taiwan Information Technology Council

December 2017

A number of system projects between domestic and foreign companies with TCA and NCC

December 2018

compelte numbers of retail, catering, and beauty chain industry system projects

January 2019

began to execute Arctos technology modularization

December 2019

Multiple retail, catering, and entertainment industry system projects

January 2020

the Arctos function module was released for the first time.

First half of 2020

participate in a number of accelerator to growth market.
● Asia Pacific Telecom
● TAcc+
● Microsoft
● Chunghwa Telecom
● Global Hack
● Systex AGP

July 2020

the first Arctos APP was released seeking the market and direction.

December 2020

take audio-visual communication as the main function of Arctos application. Development of business with a distributed network and a public system.

second half of 2020,the list of awards

● Institute for Information Industry 5G Industry Verification Award TACC+
● International Business Award
● Global Hack International Entrepreneur Award
● CIAT Merit Award
● Chunghwa Telecom 5G Technology Innovation Award
● CIAT Ten million investment award
● 19th Taiwan MOEA Communication Award/ Champion

January 2021

the first banking system project (with audio-visual communication requirements).

May, 2021

● Pass the verification of the brand owner as the audio-visual communication solution for its products.
● Begin to provide direct end pint audio-visual communication with cloud system.
● Selected into the Qualcomm-QITC 2021 team

June 2021

Selected into the 10th AAMA team

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