Arctos Live System
Boost your sales
Setup in physical store ● Embedded in the E-commerce system
Multi-screen integration, distance video/audio transmission, member economy construction.
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Through the live broadcast, the seller could explain and presents more of the product.
Multiple displays

Integrate multi audio and video, whether it is on the intranet or external network, at home or abroad, it can be shot, transmitted, and broadcast instantly.
Instant orders

Consumers can add products to shopping carts or pay while watching the live broadcast. For consumers interested in shopping, it can be regarded as a future business opportunity.
Online customer service

During the live broadcast, consumers and customers can ask questions in real-time. The customer service system has multi-party incoming and communication functions.
On shelves, sorted, displayed. Provide store order management and accounting management.
Produce live content via Arctos Switch (broadcast) and Arctos Client then sends it to the Arctos Stack (broadcast server) and sends it online.
Set the source of live content from the background on the live broadcast platform or live server.
Set up the customer service features to answer questions from online viewers to seize the opportunities.