Arctos Box
Connecting the World Safely
Able to connect back to the office VPN
when working from home.
Surf the Internet in a secure network.
Personal line
End-to-end encryption transmission technology without a relay server, so that your connection will be secure. No need to worry about malicious people accessing important private information, such as bank account passwords, during the connection process.
Use the Internet at home during overseas trips
For example
You can connect back to the US home network when you travel to Australia and log in to Netflix to watch the show. You can also use the Australian Internet connection in the United States.
Data encryption for private protection
For example
When traveling in Europe, you can connect back to your home network in Taiwan and use online banking or online shopping without worrying about leaking your privacy.
WIFI can be shared by multiple people
Arctos BOX can be used as a WIFI sharing device, allowing family members or roommates to surf the Internet in a safe network.
Arctos Box
Use the Arctos APP "pairing" to establish a personal and secure connection environment.
After the pairing is completed, you can use device B to surf the Internet at place A; use device A to go online at place B.
Arctos Box
Pairing method