Arctos VPN Box secure your online surfing wherever you are without Regional restrictions.
Enterprise-level secure networking technology Online surfing with protection around the world.
Surveillance Avoidance
Personal Data Leakage Avoidance
A Private Tunnel to the Internet
Arctos' non-relay, end-to-end encrypted transmission technology keeps your connection in a protected and safe environment, no longer worry about being stolen by hackers while surfing the Internet, such as bank account passwords, or being monitored.
Use the Internet at home when traveling overseas
for example
Connect back to the U.S. home network on a business trip in Australia, and log in to Netflix. Arctos VPN Box also allows reverse connection, like uses the Australian network while in the United States.
Protect privacy with Data encryption
for example
When traveling to Europe, you can connect back to your home network in Taiwan and use online banking or online shopping malls without worrying about online banking account or credit card number being hacking.
WIFI connection can be shared by many people
Arctos BOX can be used as a WIFI sharing device, allowing family members or roommates to surf the Internet in a safe network environment and enjoy the convenience of cross-border surfing.
Arctos VPN Box basic version
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Original price NT$5,400
Special price NT$4,999
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ncludes two Arctos VPN Box + Arctos APP
Secure connection service for one year
(Service fee NT$600/year from the second year)
Use the Arctos APP "device pairing" function to establish a personal and secure connection environment. Just three steps, easy to go.
After the pairing is completed, you can use machine B to surf the Internet at place A; use machine A to go online at place B
Arctos VPN Box
Pairing tutorial