Arctos Live
Arctos Switch
An mobile subscribed APP onGoogle Play StoreApple APP StoreA broadcast Switch APP. via stable network conditions, whether it is 4G, 5G, or WIFI network, it can receive and broadcast smoothly on the remote, it is used for broadcat on the live streaming platform (Youtube or Facebook or Twitch) or broadcast server (you can set the relevant network conditions and transmit to the server); The upload resolution can be adjusted, recording, watermarks, wording, switch to deffirent templates.
  • Each channel of 480P video, 2Mbps bandwidth is recommended.
  • Each channel of 720P video, it is recommended to have 5Mbps bandwidth.
  • Each channel of 1080P video, it is recommended to have 12Mbps bandwidth.
  • Each channel of 4K video, it is recommended to have 30Mbps bandwidth.
Arctos Client
An mobile APP onGoogle Play StoreApple APP StoreAn APP of video and audio transmission. Through stable network conditions, whether it is 4G, 5G, or WIFI, it can smoothly send video and audio to Arctos Switch , Even if the Arctos Switch is on the remote Internet, the upload resolution can be adjusted before the broadcast; if the camera can be held by the phone stabilizer during the shooting process, it will bring better results.
Arctos Stack
A Hardware products (Linux workstations), each NT$80,000, can be purchased through the contact us form.

In addition to sending Arctos Switch video to the live streaming platform, users can also use Arctos Stack to build their own broadcast channel.

It can receive multiple channels of video from Arctos Switch and broadcast to private network; the viewer could view the broadcast channel via an URL, the server administrator can set a password for the channel; According to the upload bandwidth (300Mbps~800Mbps) owned by Arctos Stack, about 100~300 connections can be watched (calculated at 720P). Arctos Stack requires a fixed IP to connect to the Internet, which is very simple to setting up.

The above three application products can be used directly after being paring, it's a necessary tool combination for the Arctos Live.