Arctos Client APP
Users can bind multiple Arctos Boxes to each other through this Arctos Client APP for a private VPN online tunnel. Using the X-Cam function in the APP, the camera and screen of the device can be recorded and sent to the X-Switch APP for multi-display live broadcast or recording. All Arctos functions are based on the direct connection encrypted transmission by the IOEX technology, with no relay server and no third party involvement. User could also apply cloud value-added functions from iHH.

Arctos Switch APP
Arctos Switch can be bound to several X-Cam devices, receive audio and video content from X-Cam, communicate and interact with each device, switch each X-Cam image. iHH provides many templates for users to integrate video, after the integration Videos and streaming then sent to cloud platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and live broadcast. Users can also record video content through the X-Switch APP, or send content to Arctos Box overseas for real-time broadcast. Users could also apply cloud value-added functions from iHH.

IOEXpress APP Beta
Based on IOEX's core technology (end-to-end direct connection, encrypted transmission, decentralized access, blockchain smart contracts), iHH provides a series of functions for users to verify IOEX functions through Android and iOS APP. The functional items under optimization include X-Cloud, X-Talk, X-Surfing, smart contract recording, and rewards, etc. With IOEX transmission and access technology, users no longer worry about leaking data to third parties. IOEX brings privacy back to the users.